Corporate Social Responsibility


QuEHST is an acronym for Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Technology.

The Company has adopted Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Technology Policy and strives to make improvements in business processes. Some of the initiatives are as follows


• All incoming and outgoing materials are thoroughly checked and analyzed for,

- Its active contents

- Impurities,

- Intermediate steps.

• Sample analysis is done based on

- Standards, using

- STD analytical methods and

- Calibrated instruments.

- Finished goods samples are retained as per SOP/shelf life for different products.

• Statistical methods are used to monitor variance trends.


Following parameters are monitore d to keep our environment clean and green


• Stack analysis

• Surrounding air analysis

• Scrubber analysis


• BOD/COD levels in discharge

• Ammonical nitrogen in discharge

• Suspended solids and dissolved solid levels


• TO avoid soil pollution well defined spill control methodologies based on product


• Noise levels are monitored for reducing fatigue and irritation inside working area.


To take care of our employees health following plans are in place,

- Proper personnel protective equipments for all

- Annual medical check up

- Occupational health centre attended by qualified Doctors and 24*7 male nurses

- 24 hrs ambulance facility

- Supplementary diet to take care of any occupational diseases.

In addition to this following information is also available to all employees,

- Material safety data sheet – Continuous training on and off job

- Health awareness programs

- First aid training to all employees


The most integral part of our work culture.

Following actions are taken to ensure safety at site

- HAZOP analysis before any modifications

- Use of work permit methodology to avoid incidents/accidents

- Management of change philosophy

- Regular maintenance of emergency equipments

- Regular training and easy accessibility to training material

- Onsite and offsite emergency plans

- Regular safety audits and safety committee meeting

Incident / Accident report and investigation for corrective and preventive action

Contract employees training program

Safety showers/eye wash stations

T TECHNOLOGY (Process Safety)

Continuous up gradation in manufacturing processes

- For improving safety in operations,

- Reduction in exposure

- Ease of operation

- Reduction of human factor in critical operations

- Remote control operations for hazardous reactions

- Alternate/ revised manufacturing methods for improving process safety